Class Project: Maze Solving Robot (TurtleBot3 – Burger)

Class Project: Maze Solving Robot (TurtleBot3 – Burger)

Step 1: Assembly hardware part

Step 2: Setting up the robot and the local computer to remotely into the robot

Click this Link and follow the step

  • Check the version of Ubuntu to choose the version of ROS. (My Ubuntu version is 18.04, so I chose ROS Melodic)

  • Setup ROS network configuration by edit IP-address in ~/.bashrc file in both of the robot and local computer

  • Choose and install Lidar driver between LDS-01 (Old) and LDS-02 (New)

  • Setup OpenCR (Sometime it can’t jump to boot)

  • Run roscore and Bringup (Problem: Can’t connect to WIFI in the university so, I can’t ssh into the robot)

  • SLAM (Scan map) and Save map


  • Using Gazebo to simulation the robot in simulation workspace

Step 3: Create maze map

Using Python to create maze map and calculate to find the shortest path

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