Software Review: Adobe Illustrator

Software Review: Adobe Illustrator

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic editor and design software by Adobe Inc. It is commonly used for creating artworks, logos and icons.

How is it used?

  • Create a variety of graphics eg. leaflets, logos, icons.
  • Trace image for creating sketch-like photos.
  • Edit documents eg. CV, resume, portfolio.

System Requirements


Subscription Cost



  • Huge community size (The bigger a community is the more tutorials.)
  • Can be used to create a variety of graphics.
  • Can be used alongside other Adobe software to make even more complex artworks.
  • Artworks made in Adobe Illustrator are scalable.


  • Hard to use for beginners
  • Requires a mid-tier computer to run
  • High subscription cost


How to create a simple icon

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